Bridging The Gap
  1. Creative Agency
  2. Media Agency
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Events and Sponsorship
  5. Digital Design and Creative
  6. Digital Media
  7. Public Relations
  8. Publishing
  9. Research
  10. Training Consultancy
  11. Business Consultancy
  12. Broadcast/Video
  13. TV Programming
  14. Movie production
  15. Publishing
Chai-Ramsay is a single partner who can guide the progress of the brand by coordinating all out-sourced brand work. This is essential to brand positioning continuity and to a cohesive brand effort bridging that difficult and demanding gap between brand and vendor. 
  1. Briefing and running agency pitches making YOUR choice easier and more time efficient.
  2. Vetting your choice of vendors selecting the best cost for the best quality product.
  3. Preparing briefs and directing creative and media agencies and all other vendors to again better manage client time.
  4. Monitoring vendor output to ensure their product is on brief and on strategy to ensure time and effort is not wasted reviewing anything but potentially correct work.
  5. Preparing analysis and recommendation. Making the decision process more streamlined and accurate.