Brand Principles
Every brand
needs a
“Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking.”

H.L. Mencken
Chai-Ramsay is a Brand Consultancy which is dedicated to filling the gap in brand development & care left by the devolution of the traditional full-service agency.

Our objective is to rediscover the lost art of a brand partner who can first work with the client to ensure that the brand positioning is positive, ideal and sustainable.

And then, ensure that the total brand experience, over all touch points, is unified and holistically moving in the same direction.

As an illustration, this original thinking resulted in the completely new positioning of Petronas and the development of their exciting new theme; ‘reimagining energy’.

As such we see ourselves as not just fulfilling the role as advisors but committing to the brand on a deeper, more responsible and long-term basis. Chai-Ramsay can and will act as the conscience of your brand.